Warn Of Your Hair Loss Situation

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Several women own long hair have the problem of hair loss. There are extremely many that some of them regard it as usual for long hair owners. I was once one of them too until one day, one of my friends, a doctor who look out this as a problem that I realize it.


The problem of our hair is as a window of our body health. Healthy hair indicates good general health while hair loss can be a sign of a deeper internal health problem.


From my friend’s words, hair loss can be caused by several reasons: stress, lack of iron or anemia, condition of the scalp, condition of vital internal organs like the kidneys, liver, thyroid, emotional disturbances,. menstrual problems, illness or lack of essential vitamins and other nutrients in the body, and so on.



You are always healthy in hair, but only find hair loss recently; it may because of the raise of your stress or the lack of vitamin c, vitamin B1, lysine or iron. As we all know, vitamin c can help to make skin and hair health by aiding body metabolism, and converting fat and carbohydrates into energy. It is includes in citrus fruits, strawberry, pineapple, tomato, green pepper, potato, and most dark green vegetables. 60 mg is recommended per day for good health; make a self judge to see If your vitamin c inset is enough to keep your health. Vitamin B1 is aiming at providing protein that’s what makes hair shine and volume.


A few other vitamins like biotin, niacin and vitamin E, and minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium are also effective in preventing hair loss. You can get these values in many foods like eggs, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, rice, liver, fish, chicken??


There are countless foods that are good for your hair and body health, what we should do is to keeps a healthy diet with rich kinds of foods, avoiding the bad habit of being picky eaters. Good quality of sleep and some sports are also important. Finally always being happy!


If you have complied with all of these recommendations but without solving your problem of hair loss, you need to go to your doctor now!


A healthy life style is the origin of have healthy hair and body health as well.