How to Get Rid of Addiction and Abuse

Ways to Eliminate Dependency and Abuse

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Inform me, does this describe someone you understand?

Some individuals who feel inferior usage a dependency to aim to conquer weak points, specifically in times of increased stress or deep inner conflict. A person’s inner inferiority complex exposes itself in his/her actions such as addiction, substance abuse, alcoholic abuse, kid abuse, compulsive consuming, blame and aggression to name a few.

No effective person desires a destructive addiction. What people who pick addiction or abuse actually want is the power and ability to produce better lives.

Fearing they do not have this power to improve their lives, you will hear these people use reasons and blame to justify their dependency and abuse and safeguard what little self-respect they feel they have left.

If you discover yourself or others dealing with addiction or abuse, instead of validating or blaming, ask the following concerns:

Do I truly desire recovery and resolution for this dependency or abuse?

Am I happy to improve myself to attain recovery?

Do I recognize I cannot manage others? The only one I can control is me.

Am I willing to take the first step for myself and get rid of my addiction, abuse excuses, blame and other destructive practices to attain peace and joy?

Alcoholic abuse and substance abuse are common crutches today. I have actually satisfied lots of people who feel tongue-tied or uncomfortable at gatherings. They find a couple of cocktails or beers “provide a lift” turning them from introvert to extrovert. There are lots of people who drink to feel much better about themselves, even to the point of abuse or dependency.

For a post entitled Lori Prokop Interviews the Experts, one doctor stated to me, “It’s sad but real. A seemingly innocent use of alcohol can rapidly and easily end up being an addiction, especially if people view they are someway ‘improved’ when they consume. “

Alcoholic abuse, substance abuse and any other addiction are major kinds of personal loss. Individuals, who depend upon any outside dependency or abuse rather than improving their viewed weaknesses and healing their discomforts, are beaten from the start.

Such a person can find healing. They should eliminate the addiction and abuse, discover a recovery system which works and fix their worries and discomforts.